Friday, October 15, 2010

Swamp-in & Blow-in to recovery

Sunday,  Sunday,  Sunday.

After a week of not much intensity,  but lots of angst over what race to do this weekend,  I finally made up my weak,  twisted and in-decisive mind to do the Cup race in Estes.  I certainly understand and am behind the idea of supporting "non-Bubble" races,  but I ended up going mainstream (apologies to the F-and-M guys...) on this one.   With about an even drive time for us,  and having a couple of teammates going up at that ungodly and cold hour to do our thing in the BDDL race helped make up the mind.  Sadly,  I even let the outside potential of a few more cup points drag me to the early race,  rather than  waiting around for the more civilized 45+ start.  Now I guess it's time to see if I can muster up a top 20 ride up in the cold,  thin air.

After swamp-boating around the everglades on Saturday and Sailing upwind in Hurricane Buena on Sunday,  I've been on a real easy week.  Did the setup for our little "not-Boulder" Wednesday lunch race,  but only did a couple of hot laps.  Resting up.  Resting up LOTS.  Hope that pays off,  and the slogging and suffering of last weekend translate to a BIT more go come Sunday.   Course it will help if a lot of you Beer-Drinking-Dads decide it's too early,  too high,  too far,  and to cold to come,  and just go race Saturday.  Think of the warm,   think of the shorter drive,  think of my chances,  and hit up TJ High on Saturday.  Please.  I need the help.

Now,  if the ACA can just tabulate & post the Colorado Cup Points,  maybe the suffering from Sunday will have a BIT of payoff,  at least in the call-up department..  Almost a week later,  and the pride of the ACA,  the new,  improved Colorado Cross Cup is underway,  and you can't yet check the standings.   Sorry, but that is weak.  

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