Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Practice, Practice, Practice

Who says that cross practice can't be fun?  Was playing with the helmet cam at CX practice today,  and managed to catch a member of the "Blue Horde"  (Blue Sky Velo) having just a touch of trouble on some off-camber.  Nice save!

Blue Sky - Right Turn from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

It's been a easy weekend & week for the old guy here.  Hit a few efforts yesterday & today on the dirt,  and am feeling pretty good.  Hope that will carry thru to the first FULL weekend of racing for me.  Interlocken and Buena Vista are both on the plan.    Taking Monday off,  so the Wife & I can recover in the scenic Arkansas River Valley after what should be an interesting weekend of racing.  (The Best Western has a hot tub...) I am QUITE sure there will be a "bubble-load" of testosterone-crazed,  frothing,  rabid, Beer Drinking Dads at Interlocken Saturday,  but I just can't convince myself to miss the plush,  green grass,  even if it does not look like it will get a nice,  white,  icy overcoating this year...  Bummer.    Really,  it would be fine if most of you just stayed local and raced only on Saturday.   Buena Vista is such a long drive (Nudge,  Nudge,  Wink Wink).

Either way,  the first "full" weekend for me looks to be here.  How will that second race go?   We'll all know soon.  Meanwhile,  be careful out there,  and keep a sharp lookout for tainted meat.

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  1. Dale - nice meeting you this weekend. Good luck at BV.

    Brian - member of the Blue Horde