Friday, October 29, 2010

New rules

Well, I guess my inane ranting did the trick.  The lords of bike racing in Colorado have spoken,  and the commandments have been handed down.  "Thou shalt not warm up on the course after 2 laps".  And it is so.

really glad to see a measured and reasonable response to the issue.  Certainly could have had any number of other.  less friendly rule changes to address the issue of knuckleheads not getting out of the way when warming up. Hope people DO this,  and it helps clean up the course for those racing.

With THAT little thing out of the way,  it's time for the first of 2 big cross weekends here in Colorado. "Colorado Cross Classic" and the Boulder Cup.  First time back at "The Rez" for the year,  and an all new venue at the mall.   Course previews are out,  and not getting the best reviews from the elites.  Saturday looks very "Rez-like",  but Sunday does look pretty roadie-friendly.  NO tech,  not many corners,  lots of going straight.  We'll see what's really there,  but Sunday does not look good for the skinny ones in the bunch (like yours truly..).

Hitting the Beer-Drinking-Dads race on Saturday,  a last chance to start putting more points on the board before I go "off the back" of that list for call-ups.  Sunday,  I went for the 45+ race.  Sunday the BDDL race is already at 97 PRE-registered riders.  amazing.  45+ is already over 60.  This silly cross thing seems to be catching on.

Here is the semi-edited down version of the seatcam from the Blue Sky velo race.  The mid-pack viewpoint.  I had a nice soundtrack on it,  but Vimeo seems to strip that off...  Gotta figure all this fancy computer-like stuff out a bit more.    See you out there this weekend!

Blue Sky Velo CX - 35+4 Seatcam from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

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