Tuesday, August 20, 2013

These are not the droids you are looking for.....

I know it is cross season.  But it really is still mountain bike season,  maybe even the BEST part of that gig.  Having a bit of trouble switching modes just now.   It's just been SO.  DAMN.  GOOD. this year. The damp trails,  the long days.  Just plain off the hook.

Now,  if you DO ride mountain bikes,  I have to tell you that you need to add one thing to your list of things to do.  Even if it's just once,  or once a year.  Go over to the dark side.

Yep,  go rent a big ass,  slack-o-rama,  eight inches of squish mad max Downhill rig,  a Storm trooper suit,  full-face helmet

and a lift ticket.   Don't worry,  16,000 feet of downhilling will still leave you beat to a pulp.  It is FAR from "easy" and more fun than it should be.

Even an old geezer like me can learn to get (a little) air,  and come to love it.  Go do it.  You might like it.

As usual,  there is plenty of room for learning.  Always something to "try later" (Or never...)  This old dude is not really up for EVERYTHING on offer in this knuckle-dragger-huck-it world.  Sometimes a man has to know his limitations,  and just say no.

Get out there & Ride,  whatever it is.  We will return you to the normally scheduled Cyclocross obsession soon.