Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have some great HD video from the "Bar-Cam" (and  I don't mean the covert video from the Eddyline Brewpub on Saturday night in B.V....),  but my Mac has decided to belly up on me,  taking all the video editing capability with it for now.
  Since the HD video files in the full,  raw,  45+ minutes of grunting and whimpering are far too large to share,  I can't post anything yet.   Bummer.  It's strange,  what you remember, and what you see can be pretty different.  Things like thinking you  were racing back & forth with the same 4 guys,  only to see it was really different folks in different kit swapping out places.  Funny how it turns out that you are not really that coherent in a race.  Go figure.

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