Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Almost there

Well,  I guess I took a break from writing much here.  Unlike Bike Snob NYC,  I don't seem to know when I won't be putting anything up here,  and thus make an appointment to not write stuff.  Plus of course,  I am far from capable of spewing out my gibberish at anywhere near his level of quantity,  or really,  let us be brutally honest,  his quality.  With or without scheduling a break,  I seem to have taken one.

Since back about Christmas,  it has been a bit quiet around here,  all except for some little cyclocrossing race down in the Republic.    Not a bad week for cross,  if you are into that sort of thing. Some kinda fast dudes and dude-etts came to this neck of the woods and rode around a bumpy circle really fast.
Some Fast guy

Being as you need to be a Cat3,  even older than I am,  and have a functional heart/circulatory system to actually participate in said bumpy fast circle riding,  I attended in a mere support and fan like capacity.  Took Thursday off to pit,  help,  support and apparently jinx some of my teammates who were participating in the fast,  bumpy circle fast riding.  Two of the three I went to help were unable to complete all the required circles,  due to mechanical malfunctions and 4 stitches in the upper lip crashing events.

2014 CX Nats boo-boo from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

 The other managed to avoid too much of my "help" and was able to put herself up on the podium that day.  Nicely done,  Deirdre Garvey,  nicely done.  We are glad you came over to ride with the team.

Went back Sunday to watch the fast boys & girls do it for real.  Rang a bell,  Drank some beer,  yelled at some fast people,  hung out with the peeps.
More Fast guys

Not quite as fast folks
Pretty cool to have the big show here in our neck of the woods.  Wish I could have ridden the course there.  Looked SO sweet.  Too bad I doubt that any local races will get to use and abuse the "non-trail" lines used for Nationals,  so we will be back on the more usual Valmont courses next year.  Sigh.

With that show over,  and Worlds this weekend,  the whole cross thing will go dormant for a bit.  Time for skiing and maybe a dose of cross stoke now & then.

I also had the pleasure of chatting with my Cardiologist/Electrophisiologist about my failed heat probe/Zap thing.  He still insists on his number one "fix" being the famous Doctor approach of  "stop doing that".  He was telling me he thinks I should act my age,  and stop pushing my heart so hard.  Something about "seeing too many people with arrythmias"  and "exercising so hard at our altitude" not being "good" for you.   He also mentioned his opinion not being very popular in Boulder.  Wow,  Really?  It was not very popular with me,  either.  We then moved on to treatment options NOT involving me sitting on a couch from now on.

Now currently test driving and experimenting with some meds to see if blocking my calcium channels will help the heart rate "excursions" without too many side effects.  I am also trying to get my fitness ramped back up to where I can get hard enough efforts in on a regular basis to see how the drugs really affect me and the heart events.   Probably will also try a second EP study/Ablation if I get the events repeating more regularly again.  This time without the general anestisia.  Whee.

Enjoy the random bursts of cold,  snow,  wind and nice warm days.  It's winter in Colorado.