Thursday, October 21, 2010

Once more, into the breech, Lads.....

Have digested my "meh" ride at Aspen Lodge, and now it's time again to line up & do our thing come Saturday. Back to my backyard course at Xilinx. It's almost obscene that I manage to live 3 blocks from a venue that gets used so much, and that I love to race at. Pure luck, and something I don't take for granted. Even a hint of wet weather in the forecast to perk up my mud-loving ears.  Might I just get to run the new Mud tires this week? 

Got a little "inside info" for the course this week, and it looks a lot like last year's Blue Sky course, with a couple of changes, all that seem to be for the better. Always a hard and fun course there, now it's just a matter of if I can manage to get the old engine warmed up and make a better result on a course I love. I'll start the "pre-excusing" now. A long and honored tradition in the middle of the pack world, it's time to get mine out there. I'll blame at least part of my fade back to the 30s last week on getting a little bit of a lung thing. Been hacking up gobs of lung butter all week. just what you want going into a cross race. So with that already out there, I have the excuses for any poor performance on standby.

The strange thing about doing the race SO close to the house is that we always seem to choose that race to do the full-blown team deal at. The HPM boys will be going all out, full team compound, full BBQ,  full-on Heckling zone. For being close to home,  we seem to manage to take n entire garage-full of crap to the race with us.  seems backwards. 

Have a couple of folks we know jumping into their first cross race ever,  so beer, brats & cowbell in hand, we intend to welcome them to our little brand of lunacy in style.
Drop by & say hi,   For me, I can't wait to get out there with the horde and mix it up again.

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