Sunday, January 31, 2010

Worlds, Now & Later

Back in the cyclocross realm,  there was a little race in the Czech Republic today.  Watched the race on the web.  The Czech riders showed the Belgies how to do it today,  putting 3 riders in the top 6 in their home country.   Zdenek Stybar rode away from them all after a poor start & a flat,  making them all look slow.  Sven Nys couldn't seem to stay on his wheels or feet,  but still managed a podium spot.  The Americans did really well,  2 in the top 20,  with Johnson in 14th and Driscoll in 19th.  Solid rides given the event.  Check out ALL the results here.  

Great to see Tim Johnson ride so well in Europe.   This guy is a true "workingman" in the pro ranks.  races year round,  and always heartening to see him do well.

On the future worlds front,  the UCI gave the 2013 Elite World Championships,  and the 2012 and 2013 Masters World championships to Louisville, Kentucky.  Cyclocross worlds coming to the U.S.   Who would have ever thought?   Katie Compton seemed pretty happy that the Euro folks will be the ones to deal with travel & Jet lag for a change.   Doing the World Championship here,  rather than a World Cup race is cool.  Pretty much FORCES the big boys to come over here & play,  no matter if they like it or not.  One of the few smart decisions to come from the UCI in a long time.   Should be nothing but good for cyclocross in the U.S.

Seems a bit unclear on where a Cross Masters worlds would be in 2011.  Usually,  it comes in a 2 year deal,  so maybe Mol,  Belgium will host the 2011 Masters worlds again.  While it's a LOT easier to go to Louisville, KY for a "worlds" experience,  it just does not seem to carry the same romantic feel of a trip to Belgium.   (This idea of going to Belgium to race keeps popping up in my sick little brain...likely NOT a good sign....)

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