Sunday, January 17, 2010

'09 Highlight Reel

So one of the traditions in our little cross bunch up here is that each year,  we take the pictures & video from the season,  and wrap it all up into a "Season Highlight" production video.   While this is pretty much ONLY focused on our little band of merry men,   I went & uploaded it to Vimeo prior to my high end,  big bandwidth subscription runs out.  Seems that 'Crossin-Colorado's chief videographer shot SO much video this year,  I could not get it all uploaded under a freebie Vimeo account.  Now that 'cross season is over,  no more high bandwidth needs,  so no more pay.

This little group is now the core of the new High Peaks Masters team.   All of the Colorado masters cross community should tremble in fear for this powerhouse bunch coming out to dominate masters racing in Colorado next year.  Well,  at least the middle parts of those fields might want to look hard,  maybe you'll notice us.

As I have the pleasure of helping to "run" this new enterprise,  I have stepped back in time for myself,  and have become the ACA club contact for the new team.  This position of power & knowledge gets me all kinds of "insider" information,  including a look at the 2010 proposed cross calendar.  Pending a  CX promoters meeting on February 13,  it should firm up a bit.    Lots of fun coming from September thru December.  As usual,  a lot of new events on the list,  along with the regular,  sure bets.  We'll see what a year of reality does to the schedule.

So.  here is one little groups take on the 2009 season.  Fair warning,  this is just over an hour long....
MANY Thanks to Matt R.  for this production.

2009 Cyclocross Highlight Reel from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

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