Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy 2010 folks.  

I've been VERY remiss in my posting duties here over the holiday.   The holiday season is busy,  and I've needed to spend more time with my 'cross-widow,  er....  I mean my wife after my semi-obsessive cross season filled up so much time over the last couple of months.   Also been getting some SERIOUS power "recovering" time in after my season ended in Bend.

The new year brings with it the age old tradition of looking back at the last year,  and looking forward to the new one.   So why not join the bandwagon here as well.

2009 Low-Lights
1 - None,  really.  (was really a pretty damn good year,  compared to the last....)
2 - My episode of Shingles (not just for real old guy...).  should be the LAST fallout of the Chemo from last year.
3 - Missing 1st place in a Winter Park MTB race by 3 seconds  ( All because I didn't pass some juniors more aggressively on the last descent...)

2009 High-Lights
1 - Friends,  family & my wife.  All getting better each year.
2 - 3 podium finishes at the Winter Park Series
3 - My health (ANYTHING is better than the abject terror & nonsense of the previous year...)
4 - This whole 'Cross season,  and particularly the Bend trip
5 - NOT getting lapped in the National Championship

My Bike Race Season Stats:
-  4 MTB races at Winter park
     -  3 seconds and a 4th (OK,  OK,  I sandbagged the Beginner 45-49....  but hey,  I had not raced for real in like 5 years,  and spent the previous summer getting cut on & Chemo'ed.... )

-  16 Cyclocross starts
     -  1 DNF
     -  1 CX race on the tandem
     -  Best Finish 10th   (SMALL field at Buena Vista...)
     -  Worst finish 72nd (40+ B Nationals race...)
     -  53rd in BCR with 19 whole points
     -  7th overall on BCT (just Matt & myself..  MOSTLY Matt,  of course...)
     -  Went to Nationals

I even went and wrote down some goals for my cross season back in August.  At the risk of public humiliation,  here is my report card.  Do keep in mind that these goals are coming from the "middle of the pack" perspective.  Us pack filler types have to keep things in perspective.

2009  CX Goals
1 - Finish in to 20 in at least 80% of races finished
     -  NOPE.  Got into the top 20 in 20% of races...
2 - Score BCR points in at least 50% of BCR races entered
     -  NOPE.  Close....  did 44%.  guess I can peak a bit.  scored in 4 races,  3 more than last year.
3 - One top 10 Finish
     - YES.  (With a qualifier that that 10th was in a 24 rider field...  NOT so hot...)
4 - Top 10 in Boulder CX series points
     - NOPE.  29th overall and only did 3 of the 4 races....
5 - Race Nationals 50-54 - Stay on Lead Lap
     - YES.   HUGE moral boost for this guy...  

So,  2 of 5 met,  one more close.   Still not bad,  given my history of mediocre race results.


So,  racing in the depths of the middle of the beer-drinking-dad's league,  one really needs some metrics beyond finish place.  10th sounds great till you see there were only 24 on the line.  For a long time,  I have tracked finish percentage,  finish place versus the number of finishers.  Seems to be a more accurate way to track your performance over various races & field sizes.

This year,  in the 35+ 4 races,  I ranged from a best of 34% (Boulder Series at the Rez....  And I thought I hated sand...),  to a worst of 64% (Frisco #2...  I KNOW I hate long hills...).  Only the Frisco race I was NOT in the top half of the finishers,  while last year I only managed top half of the field in less than half the races.   Depending on what statistical trick you want to use on "throwing out" best & worst samples, I improved my average finish percentage over last year by 8 to 10 percent.

Consistently finishing in the top half,  and such a percentage increase made me pretty happy with the season overall.   That,  and NOT getting lapped at Bend made for a pretty satisfying year.  Now,  just have to decide if I'm going to share next years goals with you all next year.  THAT could prove amusing.

So,  all in all,  a pretty satisfying cross season.  Really has me psyched up for next year.

Happy New Year,  and have my best wishes for everyones health and happiness in the new year,  both yourself and your loved ones.   Thanks for beating me up every weekend all this season.  Time to go skiing,  and put the bikes on the back burner....


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