Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back in the saddle again....

Well all-rightee then...

Finally getting to see some temps that are not in the "are you out of your mind,  I'm not going outside" range.  Even got warm enough to get me back on a bike.  First ride since nationals.  (OK,  I  need my "away time" alright?  and it's cold out,  and there is beer....)    Was real nice to get back out,  even if all that wheels-pedal-shift-don't run into someone thing seemed pretty bizarre after so long off.  After the last few cross races and weeks of "training" in Decembers cold,  it was VERY nice to finish a ride without various body parts feeling like they would fall off.  Quite the unique sensation.

I was hoping that the backcountry ski season would help me keep what little fitness I had obtained over cross season,  but alas the close in front range skiing is pretty sorely lacking right now.  (I can't muster up the courage and traffic perseverance to drive up I-70 anymore,  and winding up the Poudre is not something I can do too often,  so I try and get my fix "locally")  So far,  pretty darn thin is my snow report.  That,  along with the ROTTEN snowpack causing insane avalanche danger on anything remotely steep,  and it looks like we are a storm cycle or 2 away from any reasonable "local" backcountry skiing.    At least it's still nice getting out and "touring" (or stomping up a steep skintrack) and keeps the system alive.  More snow,  please!  Soon,  maybe can poach some of this...

Already see people asking when the Colorado racing schedule will be out (Jan 30...),  and that has me thinking about what kind of suffering is in my sights for next year.  The normal MTB races & rides,  and maybe even the Laramie Enduro this year (that should cause a bit of hurt....).   Hopefully the "Grand Fondos" (sounds like some kind of euro-cheese-dish thing to me...) will really happen this year,  and keep all the roadies in one neat pile for a few weekends.  Meanwhile,  it's back in the gym for the skinny boy here.  Gotta bulk up for next year.


  1. Old Crosser you are right about the nasty snowpack! Just doing a few tours in a easy slope was creating some slides out near the Loveland Pass area. It’s been to nasty to get into Indian Wilderness Peaks yet. I have read Berthoud has been alright. None the less it appears we have a storm cycle coming in this week.

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  2. Dear old crosser,

    Looks like no more snow for a while, at least on this side of the divide. Let's get back to those guns you've been showing off in the gym. Can you put some of us onto that intense winter weights plan? Those babies are freakin' me out - where can I get some?

    Anonymous admirer.

  3. Dear Anon,

    Don't you understand the "Stealth" part of Stealth training? Were I to share such deep secrets, you too might end up with a physique like mine, and no women worldwide would be safe. We would not want to bring such chaos upon the planet.