Thursday, January 7, 2010


OK,  I'm sick of the cold already.    I've never been much for freezing my buns off riding bikes in the "real" cold.  I put up with it right up till the end of cross season,  even enjoy some of the cold races,  but once my racing season was over,  NO MORE riding in the cold.

"Training" indoors?  Are you out of your mind?   I see some of my new team mates on the spin bikes,  and my stomach turns.  Just can't do it.   OK,  OK,  I've started my core & weight "training program" for this year.  Crippling myself,  no matter how light/easy I start out.  Us skinny guys can use every scrap of muscle fiber we can coax out.  But "RIDING" indoors?  PLEASE....  I refuse to suffer indignity on that scale.

The Skiing season will help,  but that little fix is only a weekend thing.  All week at work after the FULL holiday off,  and what must really be a bit of cross season withdrawal seems to be what all this incoherent ranting is about.  Wow,  I sure SEEMED happy enough with the end of the season,  but a couple of weeks off,  lots of food,  and "enough" beer later,  and I guess I'm feeling a bit out of sorts without my weekly suffer dose and midweek thrashing.

What a whiner.  Drink your beer,  get your skinny ass back in the gym and quit your whining.  That is what I tell me.  

Onward into the depths of the dark,  cold winter you all.

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