Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stove up....

Well,  this January is going a bit bust....  Skiing pretty much bites on the front range,   I'm too lazy to drive far,  It's "too cold" to ride,  and I'm "all Stove up" from my return to the glory of a weight training program.  Wow,  what fun.  I hope that this nonsense will help out with the power next year.   Seemed to help over last winter,  and lord knows,  us skinny boys need all the power we can get.   Never sure that the crippling that comes in the first few weeks is worth it,  but I will overcome.

Keep hoping for some snow up this way.  Seeing the San Juans get unloaded on just makes me cry,  what with only the bony junk up here to play on.     Toodeled about on skis over the weekend with the wife,  so at least getting outside,  but certainly no pretty turns in knee-deep fluff.  Whine......  If this does not improve soon,  I may be forced to actually get out of bed and drive a bit to find some snow.

Read up on the On-Off-ON again 2010 Masters World Championships.   Reading about some of the Crossniacs going over to race made me start to dream again.  Nationals in Bend was SUCH a blast,  going to Belgium for Masters worlds seems like an EPIC fun time.  We'll have to see where it happens (maybe even in the US for 2013..),  and see if that can be pulled off.  January in Belgium...  ONLY a 'Cross-dork would do THAT for a "Vacation".  We Shall see.

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