Monday, November 30, 2009

The best laid plans....

Had it all planned out....   A weekend off from racing,  then back on it for this last weekend in Centennial & Golden.  A good rest then remind my body how to suffer.  All heading into States this coming Saturday.  A brilliant plan to insure my mid-pack finishing self was as good as I could be for the last race that I care about "results" in.  

Well,  short story,  I spent Saturday & Sunday on the couch,  full of Sudafed,  trying to breath thru the oozing holes in my face.   NOT what I had in mind as a States warm up.  On the road to recovery,  and looking forward to shocking my body Saturday,  after the now TWO weeks off.   Oh well,  better than going down with a cold before Bend.

Not sure what video we might have from this last weekend.  Holiday is messing up the video supply chain right now.

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