Thursday, December 3, 2009

Alpha Cross # 2 Video

Better late than never.  The Holiday weekend and a seemingly endless case of "Gaack Head" conspired to make this a bit late.    Got the Video for the 35+ Open race at Alpha Cross #2 today from the from the Chief Videographer.  Now I'm REALLY not happy that I spent Saturday on the couch,  instead of the bike.   All that off-camber grass looks tasty.  Hope they can get the venue again next year,  so I can partake.

Speaking of partaking,  Saturday looks to be a cold,  slimy goo-fest (Kind of like my sinuses...).  I'm planning on getting cold & muddy no matter what.   Hoping that the course will be a good one for the big finale for the season.    Off to Bend the following week,  with 2 more races on the season Plan up there.  the 40+ "B" race on Thursday,  and then See if I can only get lapped once by the fastest 50-55 guys in the country on Saturday.  That to be immediately followed by a SERIOUS visit to the beer garden to celebrate the "end" of my season (In spite of the rumors of races around here in January that have been heard.....)

Video's courtesy of Lisa Robinson.  Enjoy.

Alpha Cross #2 SM35+ Open Lap 5 from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

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