Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bend Nationals Course Preview

For any of you heading up to Bend For Cross nationals,  here is a course preview video.  Looks pretty good,  very "Colorado-ish".  Nice mix of dirt, pavement & grass.   Also looks pretty WIDE,  which with many fields already pre-registered at over 200,  may be pretty important to those of us who get to line up in the back.

Why in Gods name would a mid-pack,  barely top 20 once in a very seldom while,  snot-slow cat 4 want to travel so far to get schooled by the fastest guys in your age group?  Well,  it really doesn't make much sense,  but want to go for the experience of even lining up for a "major" race.  Besides,  once my races are done,  the beer should flow at the race,  since it IS on the grounds of the Deschutes Brewery.  and they make some FINE beer there.   The brewery folks are promising to bring "Woody" to the beer garden.  How could you NOT drop by?

Hope to see a bunch of the Colorado crossers up there.

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