Friday, November 6, 2009


Tough call on the race selection this weekend.  Trying to "peak" a bit for States and the trip to Bend.  Decided to hit up Sunday for several reasons.    Tactical race selection criteria would indicate a "less-attended" event Sunday,  being outside the bubble.  I like to support races outside that bubble when I can,  AND most of the local lunch crowd is racing Sunday,  so Brighton bound we are.  

Having to think about the end of the season coming up,  and I do not want a repeat of my slide backwards thru the fields of last year.  Since signing up for 'Cross Nationals in Bend,  I am trying to better pace my "training" and race efforts this year.  Figured out the weekend off for that plan,  and hope to be finishing the season strong at States (Wherever it is...) and meet my big goals at nationals.   Big goals being to only get lapped ONCE in the 50-54 race.  For the Nationals B race,  who knows.    Starting to get excited about the trip up there,  probably more for the party & beer on Saturday after finishing up than anything else.  Good group going up,  so we should have fun.

Trying to address my habit of fading in the races here lately with a VERY few weeks left in the season.  Going to try the "2 race in a day" approach this Sunday. So it'll be the Beer Drinking Dads League first,  then get humiliated in the FAST dads immediately after.   We'll see how THAT works out later Sunday.  Hoping to add at least one more point to the BCR tally as well.  sliding so far down the list that a call up at states is starting to look like it's in danger.  Don't want all that early season strategy to go to waste.  

Been Practicing our mounts & dismounts for the Tandem division at the ICCC race on the 14th.  Even the chief stoker is psyched for that one.  Right now I know of THREE teams planning on racing.  Hope there are more big bikes lurking about out there.

Good luck for ALL the weekend races,  and remember to have fun!

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