Thursday, November 12, 2009


Looks like it might just be slimy again this weekend....  For sure a cold couple of days.

Maybe at least a bit of a repeat of the Blue Sky Velo Cup Race at Xilinx.  Might be that that venue is just a magnet for moisture.   Was just over at Xilinx today,  and it looks pretty much EXACTLY like it did after the UCI race.   All the ruts are still there,  exactly as they were,  just solidified.    The tracks are now a bunch of adobe 3-4" deep ruts.  It is going to be very interesting to see what Brian & Matt at Boulder Racing come up with for a curse over there,  as most all of the BSV Cup course is pretty much unrideable in it's "solid" state,  forcing a new course off the old ruts.  Maybe a good dose of snow/rain will loosen it up.

Plan for the weekend is to travel down to the ICCC race at Bear Creek Lake Park,  at the least to support the tandem race they are running,  and show our support for their team's loss.   For sure going to "race" the big bike......

Have Matt & Lisa coming down with their big one,  and have heard at least one other Leadville 100 TANDEM buckle winning team is coming out to play.  Hope to see a few teams out there too.  Should make for quite a sight,  if there is a "pack" headed out or "jumping" a barrier.  The weather forecast is NOT making my stoker happy,  but she's hanging tough to do it.  Might put on the "Stoker Cam" for that race.    Maybe another race on the single down there,  but really going to focus on another 2 race day Sunday at the "home" course at Xilinx.  Number 1 is the Beer-Drinking Dads League,  hoping to get a FEW more points there.  Plan to hit the 45+ open too.  Peak a big,  hard week,  then taper for states and the trip to Bend for Nationals.

My foray into the land of the 35+ open on Sunday reminded me of just how hard racing in the "real" world in Bend will be.  A poor,  slow cat 4 at the hands of the old,  fast cat 1/2 guys who are all over the open races in Bend should prove rather comical.  But still,  it will be fun to be part of,  and with a goal of only being ONE lap down at the finish,  and the Deschutes Brewery RIGHT next to the course,  all should be well in Bend.  

We'll see what the soil moisture level gets up to this weekend.  Could be another fun one.

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