Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Big Weekend

What a show.   2 big events,  2 great days,  mud,  mud, and some more mud.  Leaving the weekend with a grin,  even if my results were not that hot.  That is the true joy,  the true appeal of Cross for me,  the ability to have a BLAST racing,  no matter where you end up on the results sheet.

The Blue Sky Velo guys showed everyone how to put on a bike race,  and not just a race,  but an also an event.  These guys went as far as to shovel off more than half the course to insure it was in condition for a national caliber event.  Check out the pictures from Friday at noon,  and compare that to what was there on Saturday morning.  Marching bands,  food,  vendors,  right down to multiple port-o-johns right at staging.  The course rode like a dream.  I'm still buzzing.  The crowds for the afternoon race were amazing.  Enough people waded thru a bunch of mud to pretty much line the tape completely in the "woods" section.

The Cross Partners guys did it for Sunday too.  I couldn't stay around for the afternoon pro races,  so am not sure what the turnout was,  but the course was one of the best Boulder Rez courses I've been on,   the organization was smooth,  and the spectacle almost as big.

The Saturday morning races were sloppy as you could ask for.  sketchy and hard to stay on top of,  especally the off camber descents.

 Most was just plain old peanut-butter goodness

Got to work the Pit for Matt & Kirk in the 35+ open race,  and you NEEDED to change bikes by their race.  The power washers were getting a workout.  Matt waited till the 4th lap to come in & grab my bike,  and by then you could not roll his to the washers.  Incredible.

Race reports from the middle of the pack later,  and should start getting the Lap by Lap video in from our chief videographer tomorrow.  Till then,  here is some action at the "dipsey-doodle-ditch" from Blue Sky for the Beer-Drinking-Dads and the Fast Dads.  Credit my wonderful wife for these 2.

35+ Cat 4

Blue Sky Velo CX - 35+ cat4 - The ditch from Dale Riley on Vimeo.
35+ Open

Blue Sky Velo CX - 35+ open - Ditch Digging from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

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