Friday, July 23, 2010


Erythropoietin - A glycoprotein hormone that controls erythropoiesis,  or red blood cell production

The one time drug of choice for the pro cyclist doper crowd.  Why would a slacker Old-guy Cat 4 even talk about it?

Because I can't get my Oncologist to put me on a good EPO program for Cross season,  that's why.  For god's sake I live & work within a mile of the factory where they churn the stuff out,  but still,  no juice for me.

After my diagnosis and treatment for Hairy Cell Leukemia 2 years ago,  I've been on a 6 month blood monitoring program,  to catch any flare up of the stupid,  hairy little bastards.  Go & visit the Oncolgist,  get blood sucked.  They use "refrigerators full" of EPO in the office I go to,  treating folks going thru chemo,  according to my former bike-racer doc.

Since I will:
 1- Never get tested
2 - Juiced to the max,  I might manage a move into the top 15 of the Beer-drinking-dads league
3 - Would still basically suck at racing bikes

I thought why not.  let's see if a little dope can make a crap old guy into a only semi-crap old guy.  Purely for research purposes,  of course.

Damn Doctors....   "no medical necessity"   "Hematocrit of 47+ is above normal"  "you're not sick"

What does one need to do to get on a professionally supervised doping program these days,  anyway?
Guess I'll just have to keep slogging along with the old "training" methodology for now.  Poop.


  1. Ask Flyod. He'll set you up then turn you in.

  2. Okie Dokie - as you know, certain people are going to Mexico for a Zapatista training camp. In between conferences with Delegate 0, it might be possible to get a few vials and a step by step guide for administration of said substance. Have your people get with my people and maybe we can work something out.