Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Long One

Got another LONG ride in for Laramie prep.  The "Tour de Foothills" from the house again.

Starts with some boredom...

THEN gets to some  Singletrack...

July 1st and it's STILL really green in the foothills.  Amazing.

Saw a picnic table.   Must Picnic

Half way.  Now just ride back home.

Telemetry shows it IS a long ride...

Felt a LOT better this time.  only 11 minutes faster than the last try at this tour,  but felt a LOT better at the end.  Had some energy left,  and could actually see riding more.  Pushed Hall a bit this time,  did not completely baby the climb.  Finishing Laramie with at least SOME dignity left now seems "possible".

Saw the local lunch ride on a Apple Valley mission,  as I transited to Hall Ranch.  Man it felt good to NOT be at work.  Waved & chuckled as the went by the other way.

Seems that the lower field on the start up Picture Rock is my "wildlife" action zone.  Last time was a Turkey scaring the crap out of me.  This time,  a snake.   Grass is bar high right now,  so you can't see around a corner.  Come around,  and I see the middle of the snake,  head & tail hidden on both sides in the grass.  No time to stop,  nor even a good identification (Sure looked like a Diamond-like pattern in his back...).  Just gassed it for a pedal stroke,  picked an end I HOPED was the tail, and tried to hop over him.   Didn't wait around for the results.  Yet another "boost" at the start of that climb,  JUST what I needed.

Also,  what is it with butterflies and horse crap?  They seem to LOVE that stuff.  Piles of horse poo,  covered with piles of Butterflies.  Pretty,  but strange.

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