Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Birthday Present?

Looks like Colorado gets a USGP Cyclocross Series race this year.  The guys up in Ft. Collins have swung a big race,  November 13 & 14.  Good Stuff.  Happy Birthday to me.

This looks to be going on without any involvement from the ACA,  kind of an interesting first time "competition" for race dates in Colorado.  This "Big Time" event will conflict with 2 ACA events on the calendar now,  the "Rosalie Race to Educate" and Boulder Racing's Boulder CX series #3 event.   What info there is about the race gives the location (a new Venue) and that it will have all the amateur categories (USA Cycling permits,  I'm sure....) for the non-elites.

Going to be a lot of fun to see how this will play here,  both in the non-elite "local" rider groups,  and with respect to any Boulder Cup or or Blue sky NACT (North American Cyclocross Trophy)  or UCI race affiliation that might happen.  (the NACT calendar is not up for 2010 yet...)

Boulder Cup,  which will likely be a UCI race,  if not NACT,  is scheduled for Halloween this year,  the weekend before the newly announced USGP race.  Not sure that the back to back weekends are completely accidental.  Could we be getting 2 weekends in a row of big-boy,  UCI/National level racing this fall?   Quite possibly.

Going to be an interesting season.  Might be VERY interesting to see what the split is if the USGP race goes up against the local "powerhouse" Boulder Series race.  How would that end up for participation,  especially since the "big" race is not within a 15 mile radius of Boulder?   Time to get the popcorn,  and see how this turns out.

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