Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Battle of the Colorado Cross-Bloggers?

Digging thru the gigabytes of photos & videos from Bend (Thanks to our tireless Chief Videographer,  Lisa...) and I come across a couple of photos from the 40 + B race where a couple of the Colorado Cross-Bloggers are going head to head,  all the way up in Oregon.  

Here is Shotty & myself going at it,  killing each other in the deep,  mid-pack depths,   fighting for something like 80th place.  I was so blind I only noticed the guy in SHORTS (My GOD Shotty,  what were you thinking?  it was COLD...),  not who it was.  

We were disguised in the new team kits for next year,  kinda riding "incognito".    If you look close,  Shotty also narrowly escaped the carnage I cause in the earlier crash video.  Good thing you were in FRONT of me for that drop!  Here we are moments before I decide to not remember how to remount a bike with any grace......

Shotty,  thanks for keeping the mid-pack honest this year!

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  1. Thanks Dale...3 words: Mad Alchemy Embrocation!