Saturday, December 12, 2009


Brief note from today...    50-54 Masters National Championship.  8:30AM,  dark & light show over ICE.  Again.  Scary & nasty once more.  Turned out well for me.  47 of 87 starters.  Best of all I managed to NOT get lapped. Usually people pump their fist at the finish.  For me,  I was fist pumping at the bell for not getting caught.  SWEET way to finish a season.  GREAT FUN.

Yet more Colorado success,  lots of great rides from the Colorado boys today.

Going to share a couple of pics for now....   From the "B" 40+ race....  Yep,  that's me on the ground (on the left..),  after taking out the poor guy.  skating rink on a 45 degree slope. 

And other times you COULD ride it...   (No,  really, I CAN ride my bike....)

We have TONS ( well,  Giga-Bytes..) of pics & video.  Gonna take a while to gather up & upload it all.  For now,  it's Mexican food & Margs.   Season end celebration.

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