Friday, October 23, 2009

Who prays for crappy weather over the weekends?

The Cyclocross racer,  thats who.  After the sauna last weekend,  Sunday is looking downright pleasant

Can we be so lucky again?  I only hope so.  Myself and the CFP crew are probably going to skip the "Tactical Race Selection" event and point hunters special at Castle Rock Saturday,  and stick to the race in "The Bubble".    Probably SHOULD go to Castle Rock,  as a smaller field MIGHT help me crawl back into a few more BCR points,  before I slide into the oblivion of the 40s on that list.  Soon my slide will  render the callup less & less effective for me to sneak up the results unnoticed.  Ah,  but the lure of a close race is too strong.   Beach combing,  here I come.

Going to have to step up the race report game after the MASTERPIECE of all the mid-pack reports was put up by Brian over at De Koppenberg Pers from the RRV race last week.  great job on that report!  Fair warning,  don't read it while drinking a beer,  it may come out your nose.......

Time to Psych up for some beachcombing on Sunday.  I have faith that Brian & Matt will come up with a jewel of a course at the Rez for us.  Maybe even some precip to "brighten" the day and keep the dust at bay.

See you all Sunday,  and pray for slop.

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