Friday, October 9, 2009

Now it's for real...

Well, the warm & fuzzy early 'cross season seems to be over. This weekend looks to be one for "The Hard Men" (and Women, of course..). The Forecast is for some more "serious" Cross conditions.

Saturday's "Long Course" race at Bear Creek Lake Park,  might just be semi-epic in nature,  no matter WHICH bike you choose to wield for that little romp in the Ice Pellets.

Sunday's Boulder CX Series #2 race at Interlocken should draw a fairly large crowd,  if the Boulder Series # 1 event is any indication.   With the possible precip on the manicured grass there,  might be more like an ice skating competition than a bike race,  but we need more of that kind of condition here.  I for one have already had my share of dry & dusty.  CFP will be there in "force" (well,  at least for a small bunch like us...),  as this is our turn to help Brian H. Put on one of the series races.  Warming up at 6:00 AM by stringing course tape at 20 Degrees.

While I am ALL over the slick conditions (slows down all those pesky riders with "speed" and "fitness" and "power"...),  I am not sure my body is ready for the cold.  After a little lunch spin today in the 40 Degreee winds,  I really never got where I could "go".  Pretty much felt like crawling back to a warm shower & bed from the time we rolled out.   Sunday AM will tell the tale.  Best of luck to all of those braving the cold this weekend.

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