Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cross Popularity

Well, if there was ever a sign that 'Cross is getting popular, we saw it yesterday. For several years now, up here in NOTBoulder, we've had a little Lunch Cross practice session on wednesdays. Our answer to Boulder's "Wednesday Worlds". Started out as ONE Cross fanatic, then 3, then 5-6.

Was just a few nut-cases riding around a park. Then we added the "port-o-Barriers" (Thanks, Mud & Cowbells...). Then maybe a few survey flags.

Word has spread and once a few members of the "Blue Horde" up here got wind of it, we've seen a LOT more this year.   Yesterday ** 19 ** people showed up to practice some Hup-Hup up here.

Great fun,  was like a real race snaking along,  but not hardly "underground" any more.    Where will it end?  How long till a "Stroller Mom" complains?  Where Else is this happening in Colorado?  Time will tell.

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