Thursday, October 15, 2009


So,  one of this guy's other bike obsessions is tandem Mountain bikes. (yes,  Tandem MTBs...)

Here is a great write up from a team that was probably the ONLY tandem at Single Speed World Championships (SSWC) in Durango Recently.    While Tandem MTBs are WAY more fun than they seem,  I really can't quite wrap my head around a SINGLE speed MTB tandem.  Our team needs EVERY single gear  (and probably some more..) on our big bike.

SSWC on a tandem

Was also STOKED to see that the ICCC guys added a TANDEM CYCLOCROSS category at the Nov 14 Colorado Veldrijden Crusade race (now at Bear Creek Lake Park....).  I even think I have my "fair weather" stoker signed up to give it a go,  no matter the temperature.  Also should have at least one other team down there.   Yee Haw,  fun on the big one.   Probably won't be that smooth on the big dually,  but have GOT to try this out.    Should be a comical scene,  at the least.

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