Thursday, October 29, 2009


Here we sit,  Thursday before the "big" race weekend in the Bubble,  almost a foot of snow on the ground here (about a half-mile from Xilinx Course...),  still a little snow coming down,  and NO way it's going to dry out by Saturday AM.   In other words,  YEE HAW!!

Got enough wet that the Boulder Cup race has moved from Harlow Platts Park to Boulder Rez,  in a move to keep 600 folks from digging a permanent race course in a City park.   The new course laid out at the Rez is not quite as much of a beach-combing expedition as last weeks Boulder CX series race,  But there looks to be PLENTY of sand in the picture.  The goatheads (Do soggy goatheads still puncture tires?) may be a bigger hazard this time.

Going to miss the Halow Platts grass this year... Sigh              (A. Naudin photo)

Side question... if you race at the Rez,  and come home with more goatheads in your tire than in your thigh,  do you "pass"?  Not all bike racing is fought out for the win at the front.  See how to score bike racing in an "alternative" way here.

Will be checking out the Xilinx course tomorrow...  should be a mudbath.    My motivation for the "double" this weekend diminished greatly when the Sunday race moved back to the Rez,  but I'll still get it done out there both days.  We're on for the full BBQ,  bell-ringing, horn blowing all day thing on Saturday.  the Party is ON.

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