Tuesday, September 6, 2011

T minus

Well, 4 days to Cross boys & girls.

At least the 90+ degree temperatures have gone away. Has been kinda hard to get in the mood for racing cross with the hair dryer hot days coming one after the other. Now, I don't think I'll be coming out for the opening day party. Might see about coming out Sunday to see where I stand in the early season pecking order, as I kinda like that Kiddie Prison course. I AM having trouble realizing it's time to get out & suffer already.

Have hardly done any CX practice, outside of a HPM team camp a couple of weeks ago in Fraser, so just not 100% "ready to cross" quite yet. But then again, the itch is there, and growing rapidly. For those of you fully chomping at the bit, and headed out... Go give them hell.

Rather than pounding out some cross hot laps over the long weekend, we opted to head up high with the big bike.

The American Lakes Cirque up by Cameron Pass makes for a great day trip, with great singletrack above tree line, and great scenery.

A great way to spend a clear, crisp fall day in the high country. Even get to share it with some of the larger locals.

A pretty sweet and relaxing way to "end" the summer, and get going on cross season. Guess it's time to start REALLY thinking cross....

One more thing on the ACA-USAC "debate". I think I get the Idea that not a lot of people care. In the last week or so, with over 100 blog visits here , only 9 people have cared enough to click on the survey. Less than 10% of visitors taking the time to click one or the other either shows that there is not much opinion, or probably more likely, the fact that no one cares that much either way. Interesting in it's own right. Either way, I plan on sharing that limited data wiht the ACA folks. Few more days to vote, if you care.