Sunday, September 18, 2011

ANNND they're off!

OK, got the first one in. Boulder CX Series #1 at the new Valmont Mountain bike park. Pretty cool course. Kinda flowy, lots of neat little berms & whoop-de dos. The BIG staircase, THAT I can do without, but all in all a good course and venue. Parking for a big race (Boulder cup...) is going to be a mess, that there is not enough of. Pretty good size fields, especially in the Juniors. 81 kids total, and 21 in the JM 13-14 alone. Hope that trend continues. 544 total riders came out. I guess about what you would expect for an early season, warm race smack in the heart of the bubble.

Dueled it out in the Beer-drinking-dad's league for my season opener. Not sure I much care for the early (9:25 am..) start. That alone may send me off to the 45s this year. My race came out about like most for me. good call-up, and faded from the 20ish range to my 36th place finish with 89 riders in the field. Top half, not too bad for a first effort. Not a lot of power on the fast parts, but did better on the hill than I usually do, so a bit of good stiff going in to the season. Just wish I could learn to run up those long run-ups faster.

Got a couple of videos for you, some "seatpost-cam" and a course-side for 35+ 4 and women's races.

35+4 - Seatpost cam - Lap 1

35+ 4 - Lap 1 at the "Belgian steps" the small staircase on the bottom of the course.

SW Open at the "5280 feet" BIG run-up.

SW 35+ at the 5280 run up.

Boulder Series 2 next Saturday, partially brought to you by the High Peaks Masters team, as we'll be helping the Boulder Racing Folks put this one on. We'll be out there all day for that one.

Oh, and am hearing that the other "not Boulder" race planned for Sunday, the Cross-Propz race at Rogers Grove has been cancelled due to "Unexpected Circumstance". Will be shortening up the race weekend, I guess.

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