Monday, September 26, 2011

Colorado Cyclocross Videos

It seems like many bike racing blogs out there want to help tell you how to train, learn & be faster. Since endless mid-pack finishes are not much of a resume, I'll spare you all some training or race preparation advice on how to do well, and instead give you a guide on "how to DNS" one of your favorite cross races. This proven method will have you sitting on the sidelines, watching your teammates suffer in no time.

Pick one of your favorite races, say... well... The Boulder Series #2 Xilinx race on Saturday, shall we? Starting the week before, and try this:

Monday - Easy Ride in the afternoon. Start getting a sore throat in the evening. Is that a cold coming?
Tuesday - Wake up, Confirm the cold is HERE. Try to go to work, come home early. Sleep.
Wednesday - Stay home, sleep all day. Continue to feel worse.
Thursday - Feel almost human again, insure Head remains plugged up, work 1/2 day
Friday - Feel "better", insure crappy day at work, followed by 3+ hours of weed-whacking at Xilinx for race prep. Go to bed late after getting race stuff ready
Saturday - RACE DAY!!
Get up at 4:00AM, realize you feel like a piece of roadkill. String course tape starting at 5:00AM. Kit up, warm up. Realize you feel like the entire 35+ cat 4 field just ran you over. Remove Kit, sit down, start whining.

Guaranteed program. Works like a champ.

SO, Like it says, I DNSed at Xilinx. Bummed me out, as I really like that race, and since The Team was helping Lance & Tony at Without Limits Productions/Boulder Racing promote this stop on the Boulder Series, it REALLY makes it a hard one to miss. MAYBE I'll be good enough to make the jaunt up to Frisco this weekend. Nothing like ripping around at 9000 feet to make one feel "better" eh?

Seemed kind of dusty out there saturday. This picture says it all.

The Team had a great day, 6th and 11th in the beer-drinking-dads league, and 5th in the 45+. Maybe I should sit in the team tent more often...... Good ride guys, you make me proud!

SO, a bit of video, Lap 1 of the 35+ 4 race

And 2 parts of Lap 1 for the 35+ 3 race Early Lap 1

Later in Lap 1, 35+ 3s

Credit to Lisa Robinson for Photo & Video

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