Thursday, September 15, 2011


OK, my postings have been sparse. With Cross season HERE already, I should have been foaming at the mouth posting excited thoughts about the upcoming start to the season. While I AM quite pumped about my first foray for the year back into the joy that is racing around a field carrying a perfectly rideable bike, Life can sometimes put a dent in the creative writing time.

Had our first "real" Wednesday CX session up here in "not-Boulder" yesterday. a pile of 15 or so frothing folks, some of who had already popped their race cherry for the year. Good, fast fun in a cold drizzle. Makes you realize what's coming.

We even had the opportunity to speak to Officer Garcia about whether or not it's "OK" to ride a bicycle in a city park. Had a gentleman walking his dog who did NOT appreciate us being in the park, and informed us that you are NOT allowed to ride bikes on a sidewalk in said park. (This while his unleashed dog ran amok....) After finding that we were not immediately leaving after being informed that we "Can't do your F^&%ing Triathlon here" he resorted to the usual second step of the disgruntled dog walker. "I'm calling the cops!!"

Thus the nice chat with Officer Garcia. Turns out you CAN ride your bike in a city park. Who would have thought that? Strange, also seems like you CAN'T have your dog off leash in a city park. Wow....... Almost gives our lunch sessions the feel of legitimacy.

So, all tuned up, Psyched up, and if my bike quits breaking, ready for my season opener at Valmont Park Saturday. Now just to decide on Beer-Drinking Dads, or the old, fast 45s. Either way, THEN will be the time to see where one really stands. Lets do it.

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  1. Korat, Thai food (killer), get my 3 squares, goofing on the porn stars in front of the Karaoke bars and getting really fit (oops misspelled it, fat). Esta bien. Have fun.