Friday, September 3, 2010

Call Ups in Colorado CX races?

Call-ups in Colorado Cyclocross,   What do people want to see?  Hit the poll button to the right.

Right now,  only Colorado Cup races are slated for call-ups by Colorado cup points,  40 deep,  then "random order" after that.   Other methods are possible.  From NO call-ups in ANY races,  to a system like the UCI does,  where ALL races score points,  more for big races.  For Colorado,  could double points for Colorado Cup races,  score the "Cup" on ONLY the Cup races,  but have season/Call-up/Ranking points for ALL races,  and use that for call-ups in ALL races.

Am hearing that some big races (Star Crossed,  Glouchester) are using points for call-ups.  (must take a bit of sorting/filtering to generate that list...)

Does it matter to you?

Here is the short list,  look for the poll on the right,  and vote away.

1 - No Call Ups?
2 - Random (based on hip #,  etc)?
3 - Order of registration?  (Promotes early registration,  good for race promoters...)
4 - Colorado Cup points for ALL races  (Similar to last year...  BCR points called up in NON-BCR races)
5 - An additional "ranking" or call up points system?  used for ALL races.
6 - Use Cross points (actually being used in some parts of the country..)

NAy other Idea's,  put them in the comments.  Poll will cut off the day of the first CX race in Colorado.  Vote away,  Crossers.

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