Saturday, September 11, 2010

Season Underway

The Colorado Cross season is underway!

And it's going to do it without me,  at least for a few weeks.  Not going to hit the early season travel races.  The season is looking QUITE long enough,  even with no plans for any of the January races.   This time of year is still a great time to do some NON-puking rides on the weekends,  such as taking the big bike out for a spin in summit county.

This Sunday,  I'll be trying a different form of competition,  Summer Biathlon.  The Colorado Biathlon club is running a run/shoot and Mountain Bike/Shoot Biathlon up in Grand County,  and I'll be hooking up with some of the HPM ski and cross folks just to try something different.  The "rabbit to turtle" thing of Biathlon has always fascinated me,  but as I can't quite "get" the nordic skiing thing,  this is as close as I'll get to giving it a shot.  (pun intended...)  Sadly,  it seems semi-automatic centerfire hardware is not allowed,  and I'll have to stick to the .22 cal stuff they usually use.

Now,  mind you,   Cross IS on my mind.  Been doing the power intervals,  trying to maintain SOME sense of "structure" in my "training",  and been getting the hardware ready to roll.   After all the goo last year,  I have a new set of Mud wheels coming together,  so I'll have a bit more "knob" for any wet races.  There are sew-ups a stretching,  and rims a-gluing all over the basement.  Tufos are hung from the rafters with care,  all in the hopes I can glue them up soon.

Even started our "organized" Wednesday cross "races" up here in "Not-Boulder" in the last couple of weeks.  Wow,  after dipping my toe back into chasing a bunch of WAY faster guys around the local lunch course,  I was rudely reminded of that joyous,  nausea inducing,  blood tasting feeling that only cross can SO efficiently deliver.   If it's any indication of where the levels of participation are headed,  we had **16** guys out last Wednesday,  careening around a local corporate campus,  and site of many a "real" race.  Kind of a lot of people for a Wednesday lunch session.

A week or 2 more of THAT fun,  and it'll be time to see where one REALLY stands in the whole Beer-Drinking-Dads ( and the 45+ Open,  this year..) weekly pecking order.  Feeling good,  and feel faster than last year,  but one never really knows till you pin the number on & peg it for real each year.  Time to think up the goals for the year,  Dial the bike,  and get ready to party.   Hope you have all been doing your homework,  I think it's going to be a big and competitive bunch this year.  It's going to be a great season,  and I am ready.  Let the fun begin!

We'll talk about the results of the Call-up Poll  (above,  right..) in a day or 2.  Take a look...

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