Monday, August 30, 2010

Colorado Cyclocross - The Colorado Cross Cup

So the ACA has renamed the Cyclocross series for the new season.  the Colorado Cross Cup is now the new grail to chase for the hardcore Colorado Cross Geek.

With a LONG new schedule,  lasting well into January,  it looks like the "we need a longer season!!" crowd and/or the promoters fighting over the few 'cross season dates went ahead and just extended the season.

13 Races,  From October 9th thru January 28th,  with 4 as back to back days on a weekend.   Quite the campaign if one wants to (or,  are able to...) contend for points.   Reading through the Colorado Cross Cup Policy,  the apparent focus appears to be on race promotion and venue quality,  as reflected in the selection criteria and course requirements

Events must have a professional appearance and atmosphere including: 
o Announcers 
o Finish Line Apparatus 
o Amplified Sound/Music 
o Food/Drink vendors where allowed 
o Prizes for each day of racing 
�� Cash for Open Men and Women 
�� Detailed breakdown for all others 
o Vendor/Expo Area 
 Activities for Children 

All venues and courses MUST meet and provide the following items: 
Course set-up 30 min prior to first race using that course 
Off -Course, fenced start grid as outlined in the ACA Promoters Handbook on a firm surface 
Race staff to assist in control of start grid and assist Referee(s) with staging/call-up 
At least 200 meters of firm surface after the start must be free of obstructions and sharp turns  
All open area turns shall be marked with “caution” tape, fencing or cones (cones for 
pavement/roads only). Surveyors flags/tape do not meet this criteria 
Entire course should be at least 3 rideable meters in width 
Finish must be on a firm surface and free of obstructions and sharp turns for final 100 meters 
Must have a clearly marked finish line bypass for riders warming up. 

All seems to be good steps to try and build the number of "high profile" events,  rather than just lots of basic,  low key races.  Raises the bar for promoters & but may limit venue selection.  Course,  these requirements may just force higher quality venues,  with better start areas,  spectator access,  etc.  Time will tell.

Call ups,  one of my favorite discussion points,  are slated to be from Colorado Cup points,  Top 40 called up.  Then "Random Number Sequences" for the remaining spots,  and for the first race.   Interesting.  My hope is that no matter the method,  that races specify & enforce SOME kind of call up process,  be it random,  by registration,  points,  whatever.  Just something to prevent the "Kamakazie line scramble" method.  I'm getting too old to wade through a mosh pit each race start,  just to try and get a descent start spot. 

The time of reckoning is nigh...    Let the suffering begin. 


  1. OK - for a minute I am a road you what. I am not commenting on our local focus. The fact that we live here and have so many races to participate in if we choose, we are lucky.Also, I admit to being fueled by a couple of Dale's. My absence makes it clear that I am dealing with the stuff of comedy and sadness. We will discuss that later. But I am writing on a subject that inspired me many years ago. Laurent Fignon died. Now I do not claim to be a student of all things roadish and euro, but I remember this guy. In 1992 or so, when ESPN covered Le Tour (poorly), I saw him take a 100+ K flyer. I had goosebumps, it gives me goosebumps to write this. He was one of the greats. It was at that time that I saw him and I knew, these were hard men. I had not understood that before. It is sad that he died young, but it is also the world we are in. Men near 50 start to be struck down. A sad loss that gives us a moment to pause and reflect on the richness of this sport. Hasta la proxima.

  2. Sad to see him gone. Scary that he is my (our) age. Really, only want to see everyone healthy & happy. Looking forward to seeing you back to full ornery-ness soon.