Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Call Ups for Colorado

So last week put up a poll for the literally tens of readers of my ramblings,  asking about preferences for what they want to see in cyclocross call-ups for the Colorado races.  I was astounded by the turnout.  I got 15 votes back (some of you might just have voted for several choices...).   In the least,  it shows that there is a fairly large interest in the subject.

The results ( insert drum roll here...):

What do YOU want to see for Call-us in Colorado CX races?

NO call-ups    -   0
Random Order   -   1
Order of Registration   -   0
Colorado Cup Points in ALL races  -  4
A season Long Call up/ranking points system for ALL races   -   8
(Not just Colorado Cup races)
CrossResults.com points   -   2

So what can this scientific,  carefully sampled,  highly accurate,  statistically significant,  +/- some random number super poll tell us about the attitude toward call-ups here in our little hotbed of the sport?   Maybe nothing,  but that won't stop me from drawing conclusions and running with them.  Kind of like running with scarp scissors,  such behavior may or may not hurt me.

I guess people WANT call ups,  and don't want it based on your internet connection bandwidth,  or how early you like to get to races.   Some kind of points system,  based on race results is preferred.  There seems to be a rather significant bias toward ALL races counting toward some magic number that gets you into the second row of the grid.

I'm not too surprised,  as this is the "standard" and expected way of lining up a 'cross start in most of the world.  I'm guessing that most riders don't really care for the "free for all" rugby scrum methodology of getting to the line.

Given that result,  it seems worthwhile to at least try and open the discussion of a wider ranging points system with the "Feds",  or in our case,  "State-ies".   Given that I now have unlimited access to the elite leadership of a bone-a-fido fully accredited ACA bicycle racing team now,  and their kind desire to run it as a benevolent dictatorship,  I think that we'll maybe take advantage of the massive power affected us and propose just such a system to the ACA.   I am sure they are dying to hear what a few of middle of the pack old guys think.  Will probably copy & tweak the basic outline of the UCI points system,  where Bigger races have more points over deeper finish places.   Course,  this year is a done deal,  and any changes will not be until next season.  Stay tuned for exciting updates on this little adventure,  once the exciting club meeting and legislation/rules meeting happens in January.

Thanks for all the votes.  Your voice IS being heard.  Of course,  no guarantee that anyone hearing it will care and/or do anything about what you say,  but much like modern politics,  it's not about fixing anything,  it's all about making people feel good.

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  1. I think you are the only one concerned about call-ups as I've found Nothing on ACA or 303 forums.

    I think the way they are doing it currently totally blows. I've had two top tens and a top twenty and won't get my name called until when? Never. Oops...the ACA screwed the pooch on this one.