Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back in the USA

Back "In Country" after a wonderful break.  11 days in Iceland (Yes,  Iceland...).

While it was possibly a strange pick for a vacation destination,  it turned out to be a LOT of fun,  quite scenic,  and in spite of the hordes of Euro-trash-dour-faced-German tourists,  a really fascinating place to visit.

With less people than the population of the Peoples Republic of Bould-Aire,  spread out over an area the size of Kentucky,  there was NO problem finding some lonely,  beautiful places.  Volcanoes,  Glaciers, Wild mountains,  Steam & Hot water bubbling out of the ground at random,  and more world class waterfalls than could be imagined,  it was a great place to wander about.

A week plus at sea level,  only a couple of hikes for workouts,  and some minor jet lag have me NOT fired up for King of the Rockies this Saturday.  Post-vacation lethargy reigns supreme.

Only bike-related items form the trip was watching poor,  wretched euro loaded bike tourists battle 40 mph,  cold north winds and pissing rain in 4 deg. C. temps.  Kinda like Cross!    Most looked like near death.  Made me glad to be old,  lazy,  and in a car.

Cold Euro Touring from Dale Riley on Vimeo.
Cross season seems to be coming right up.  The ACA has blessed us with a "new" series this year,  and the race flyers have started to sprout like flowers in the spring.   Even did a bit of CX-type practice yesterday with the boys....   The "Excitement is Building"!!

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