Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Time to get Serious

Seems like I'd NEVER get over my Laramie death march.  A week later and my body was still whimpering and whining from that little adventure.  Everything hurt,  and kept hurting for FAR more days than I expected.  Did not want to ride much last week.  Ah well,  none of that.  With cross season bearing down,  it's time to get busy,  get that body tuned to a fine razor edge for the suffering to come,  to dig into the intervals & hard training needed to meet my race goals for the season,  to forge the iron mind & body needed for testosterone fueled cross butt-kicking, yes,  it's time to HTFU and....... 

go on vacation.

Yes,  Friday the Wife & I jet off to the far north,  a visit to Iceland (yes,  Iceland...).  Place has had a draw for both of us,  and until the great financial collapse of 2008 came,  was priced WAY out of our range.  Now that the Icelandic economy collapsed into a highly leveraged pile of poo,  us normal folks can now afford to visit.   The last thing that pushed us to pick Iceland was an article in the December,  2009 issue of Bike Magazine.  3 or 4 pictures of the countryside,  and a more "appropriate" measure of the costs sealed the deal.  

Using the International Mountain Bikers Cost Measurement Unit  (IMBCMU...) the cost of a Pub-poured Pint had dropped from north of  US$15 to under $7.  Not the best bargain on the planet,  but within mortal reach.

We are off Friday.  No bikes,  but plan on getting out into the wilds a bit at least.   Not hard there,  2 of the "towns" we are staying in don't seem to have many streets.  "Kinda" Rural,  to say the least
  See you all in a week or so.  I'll be working hard.

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