Monday, March 1, 2010

Lung Butter

After a solid week of gagging up green bits of lung butter (Hmm,  wonder if you could sell that at the Boulder Whole foods....  natural,  organic,  and locally produced...),  The bubbling & gurgling in my lungs started to subside enough to make me think I might be able to haul my carcass and these strange and unfamiliar things up some hill in the backcountry.
 Well,  might have been a bit premature,  as a lap and a half into the day,  I realized that I was much more interested in lying down for a nap in the snow than taking the "slow lift" back up again.  Something about not being able to breathe and trying to do a few thousand stair repeats at 11,500 feet was making me tired.   A brief day in the woods,  but very nice to get out again.  Much more scenic than the couch.
Finally got enough base,  and the turns were pretty good.  Now If I can just get fully healthy again,  maybe I can milk some of the usual March dump-age for a few more good ski days.    The foggy and snowy day gives one hope for more fluff.  It even seems like the exertion finally blew some of the goo out,  and can even breathe without bubbles today.  Whee!
Besides my mildly neurotic obsession with getting a few good ski days in,  the arrival of March does make me think about riding.  The Lung Butter episode has put a dent in the weight training "program",  and with 50+ degree temperatures on tap,  I may have to get something with 2 wheels out this week.  With a confirmed road trip coming up in April in the works,  it does seem to be time to ride.   That April trip is getting some mental bandwidth.  Made me go out and order a pile of maps & guidebooks,  both for the April trip target area of Hurricane/Gooseberry Mesa area,  
and a few other places that have popped up on the "want to go ride there" radar.    A bit of interweb looking came up with this place,  a treasure trove of Mountain Bike guidebooks and maps.  Ah,  the stuff dreams are made of.   Guidebooks for rides from Argentina to Wisconsin,  all the exotic riding destinations.   Spring is time to road trip.  Get yours.

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