Monday, March 15, 2010


You all know "That guy".   You know,  "That guy",  the genetic mutant,  hyper-fit, aerobic machine.  Yep,  that guy.    It had been a while since I went skiing with "That guy",  but finally got back out for an "East Portal" run on Saturday with "That guy".   I remembered pretty quickly how much "fun" it is to chase those mutant types up a valley at speed.   I did mange to get my cardio ( Rule # 1  !!!)  for the week,  and then some.

We went up thinking that if the snow was not too hot for making laps,  we could "go high" there,  and get a bit alpine-ey instead of just chasing laps in the soft stuff.  Good thing we had that thought,  as the general snow condition was breakable crust with a large serving of mank on the side.  Lucked out on another stellar day,  warm,  and NO wind at all.  Skied around all day in a light top,  and with the solar oven effect on full,  mostly dripping in sweat all day.

After a goodly slog,  we ended up climbing mighty Haystack Mountain (11,800').   Hard to believe I scored another wind free front range day (at least three for this season,  a new record!!)

     (the crown line on this thing looked to be 10+ feet deep..... you could see it from the parking lot...)

In spite of chasing mutants for 9 miles,  was a VERY nice day in the mountains.

Even had a few good turns up high,  before diving into the mank.....

Haystack - West Face from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

Makes me want to do some spring ski descents on these "big" lines.  Deathtraps now,  but come spring when they settle,  sure look like fun.  Just need to remember to get off the MTB for a day or 2 come corn season.

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