Sunday, February 21, 2010


Frustration can take many forms.  One of those forms could be spending weeks waiting for it to start really snowing,  then,  FINALLY,  when it does decide to start snowing a bit,  you spend that weekend hacking up large quantities of Lung Butter,  rather than getting out to enjoy the new-fallen fluff.
Acute Bronchitis...  you all know it,  that lovely "fat person sitting on your chest" feeling,  along with the rasping and hacking cough.  ANYONE who has ever done a cross race is familiar with this little badge of courage,  doled out to those silly enough to push your own respiratory system so hard you fill your own lungs up with goo.  Almost fun after a race.   Not so fun for days at a time.   Lots of online medical info on this disease (Funny,  I don't see cyclocross listed as a cause anywhere in there...  seems to me participating in a cyclocross race is pretty much 100% effective cause in my research).   Best part is the "runs it's course in 1-2 weeks" line in all descriptions.   Lovely.

Maybe it will keep snowing.  Pray for me,  even beer does not sound good right now.

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