Sunday, March 7, 2010

Warm & Fluffy

Skiing on the Front range has some "rules" one needs to follow,  else you get a lot of wind in your face & mank under your skis.  The gist of these rules is "follow the storms,  young Jedi".    Going out during or right after the front range upslope storms usually gets you the good snow and no wind.   Saturday,  in a desperate attempt to make up for a lousy ski season (for me at least...),  we headed up after a runt of a storm on Friday.  Pretty much expecting mank-o-rific conditions,  went ahead & headed out anyway.  Surprise!  There was a lot more fresh snow than expected.  even ended up breaking trail through 4-6+ inches of new,  but sadly kinda wet & heavy snow.

Busted our way up the 2K feet of climbing into Meadow Mountain Bowl,  to find ourselves ALONE  in there on a sunny,  warm,  windless day.  Cover was up to snuff,  the snow heavy but decent,  and outside of a few bottomless depth hoar "holes" (Dive! Dive! Dive!) pretty darn nice conditions.

Even looked like Christmas on some of the trees,  with full on "natural" decorations

My Lack of laps this year was showing.  Only a couple of laps got done,  but we did our best to properly deal with what we had to work with,  and left things as tracked up as we could.  It was a "death cookie" day.  Silly things would be outrunning you for hundreds of yards.  Still hard to get a better feeling than launching into a glade with NO tracks,  just wide open,  unbroken snow waiting for you to draw those lines on the mountain.

 Good to be getting over the Gack in my lungs.  finally felt human again,  and got the reward of a GREAT Colorado late winter day.   No whining this week,  just good clean fun with frozen precipitation & gravity.

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