Thursday, February 2, 2012


Seems as if the "off season" has dulled my need to spew words here. With the end of racing in Colorado, then the US, and now worlds, I have kinda been hibernating a bit, not finding as much to write about. Course, with a blog focused on Cyclocross, I guess this time of year can be considered the slow season, and maybe I get a break.

Seems as if the locals are already getting spun up about the changes to the upcoming race season, even here in the depths of deep, dark winter. A new season points system for road & cross in Colorado (Hmmm. one that looks a LOT like one I proposed 3 years ago to the ACA...), and some minor tweaks to the categories, mostly brought on by the USAC cat 5 requirement has set off a blizzard of comments on 303 Cycling. A bigger blizzard than we've managed to get in the high country this year. Guess everyone is really just bored.

One of my Projects here is a couple of Video/slide shows for a team get-together. It's become a tradition to have a beer & burger nite with a season highlight slide show. Since I have so many races recorded from the Bar & seat cam this year, I have found that going thru that video for a season cut let me see my whole season in a different light. Nothing like seeing your whole season, after a few weeks out. Shows you all your "strengths" and weaknesses in graphic, slow-motion-capable, rewind & look again detail. Humbling & enlightening at the same time.

If you had any curiosity of what the Koksijde Worlds course looked like, Jeremy Powers and the Behind the Barriers crew took care of you. You just can't bitch about "sand" at our little local Boulder Reservoir courses after seeing this. Oh, and it looks like they stole my "rear-view" mirror idea. Guess I am just a trendsetter.

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