Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Season Wrap

So, it seems traditional to write that "look back at the season, reflect on the season, how was the season, how did I do this season" kind of post. Don't think I'll do the blow by blow, but here are a few tidbits, likes and dislikes from this last cross season...

- More & Better races
The races here just got better & better this year. The quality of race promotions is going nothing but UP.
- Support from my wife
She's been nothing but supportive of my race nonsense.
- Great team atmosphere from HPM
Our team has been great this year, a great bunch to race with. That great atmosphere has extended to "the competition" as well. Great competition with great people all year, complete with cyber-stalking, heckling and taunting blog posts. A LOT of fun.
- Lap time data and the timing system
Getting the lap to lap time data has been a really cool addition this year. besides just the plain geek factor, it can be useful for seeing how you race.
- This silly blog is slowly getting more readers
Thanks for reading! I hope it's entertaining. I even got my first nasty comment this year. A whiff of legitimacy? Getting 1100+ hits a month in the heat of cross season. Not the big time, but I'm happy that many of you want to read my rambling.
How I did:
- Meh.
In my normal measurements like finish percentile & crossresults.com points, I was about 7% worse than last season based on finish places.
- Got better at the end
I got better by the last of the season, 2 of the last 3 races I had decent results, so at least I did not burn out, and even better at the end.
- Fun
Either way, I think I had even MORE fun than usual, even with "meh" results. And THAT is the real measure of a cross season for us middle of the pack folks.

- Course "gimmicks"
Spirals of death and flyovers. Is it just me? I don't think I "get" the appeal of them. Frites built a MONSTER at states, and I appreciate the effort & enthusiasm, but not sure it added to the course. Spirals just make me dizzy.
- USAC takeover
OK, it's DONE, and I'm giving it a fair & unbiased chance. We'll see if it impacts the great growth, momentum and community we have here in Colorado Cross.

So, enough navel gazing. Here is some more entertaining stuff I came across.

Here is what a REAL race bar-cam looks like. Christian Huele with a GoPro on board at the Lievin World Cup - Just like my videos.... well, except just a BIT faster.

And a great, artsy-fartsy videos of women's world cup racing. This guy does AMAZING videos...

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