Sunday, February 26, 2012

Making Soup

So, I've been quiet here, mostly as I can only type with one hand, due to the "claw"....
WAY too frustrating to write much. ONE more week, is the current prognosis for remaining crippled. Not able to hang on to the bars, so no riding till I can take this thing off. So, not a lot going on, just drinking beer, eating, sitting about, and the odd off-season bike team events.

John's quote said it all.....

"High Peaks Masters - Making your world a better place, one meal at a time"

6 High Peaks Masters team members spent an afternoon at Seagate cooking 65 meals for the homeless of Longmont. We cooked the packaged meals were cooked in Seagate's cafeteria kitchen and distributed by HOPE of Longmont, as part of Seagate & Hope's "Soup Angels" program.
Felt good to give something back, non-bike related.

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  1. What a great program that Hope and Seagate Soup Angel's puts on. It was so easy to help out...we need to make this a tradition! Thanks Dale for putting the umph into the team, both on and off the bike!

    Jonathan J.