Monday, March 5, 2012

The On-Board Diaries

My hand is now (finally....) free from it's claw/cage/splint/medieval torture device. Course, it's still pretty much useless. a stiff, atrophied lump. One thing at a time. I guess that "Hand Therapy" is the next step (OK, stop what you are thinking.... geez.) in getting back "online".

Skiing looks to still be a couple of weeks out, since I really can't fall on that hand just yet, but am going to try and ride again, as I NEED to stop the inflation around my middle, and the general softening all over that has been going on while I was semi-crippled. While the drinking hand/ability was not impaired, when you do not exactly DO a lot (well, OK anything...) else, it really takes its toll.

The High Peaks Masters winter video premiere party was a great success, and since the season wrap ups are now "out there", I can start sharing them here without them being pirated and sold in cheap Mexican restaurants in Longmont & on the streets of China. First up, the 2011 version of the "On-Board Diaries", my seat & bar-cam "best of" cut.

Wish me luck on my "maiden" rides.....


  1. Thanks for all the video this season Dale. It was a great season for HPM, and more to come in 2012!


  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.