Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Geeks & Nationals

Spent my Cross Nationals day this year doing it the easy way. A pint of good Stout & pub food in hand with a bunch of cross-crazed fans to share it all with. Went and joined the Frites en Mayo Guys at the Wynkoop Brewery for their Nationals Viewing Party, what a great idea.

Hats off to Brian & Rich for putting on a great party. May just have been more fun than racing.

Good race to watch, and it was really good to see Jeremy Powers get his jersey finally, and it obviously meant a lot to him. Colorado was not quite the dominating force it has been in the last few additions, but still a resounding show of prowess from the Colorado contingent. My personal hat off to my ski buddy & friend Deirdre Garvey for her career best 4th place in the 50-54 women's race, Great ride for sure, and go give them hell in Louisville, girl!

Even after posting a Statistical Analysis of Cyclocross Lap Times, I thought **I** was the geek on our team, until a nameless teammate (who just happened to kick ass in the beer-drinkin-dads Cross Cup this year...) started to beat me in data analysis as well. He has managed a script-based, load it and go lap time analyzer. His tool shows all the lap times, by lap, for each rider and splits out & labels each team members lap times for easy analysis and trash-talking. Lyons looked like this:
At least I had a decent race at States, and was able to "take apart" my inter-team Nemesis in laps 3 and 4 to prevent a complete rout in our "Rapha-Focus Cross Clash" battle for the year. Geeky, yes, but besides kinda cool, and shows how you are doing lap to lap against the field. An average bar shows if you are "above average" or not lap to lap, just to insure your feelings of inadequacy. With all the data coming out of the chip system now, what's next? Hmmm......
With the Cross Season nearing or past it's end, I guess it's time for the standard season wrap up post. Maybe that's on tap for next time. Best of luck to our Colorado boys & girls hitting up Masters Worlds this weekend!

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