Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is it really winter?

After a dry & dusty cross season, and NO snow up here in "not-Boulder" all year, it's hard to really realize it IS winter. After getting up to the high peaks and onto the boards for the first time this year, I guess it really IS winter, just not here in town.

Those first few turns each year are always a bit of a shock to the system, even more so when one chooses a day with nothing but wind-blown, heavy MANK to try and get you ski legs back. Headed up to my favorite close-in "stash" with the wife for a "quickie" yesterday. Strange, almost NO snow in Nederland, but higher up, the snow is about average for this time of year. enough snow & wind to drift over the road & keep us from driving to the actual trailhead. I am not sure what the out of state folks were thinking when they drove their mini vans past the multitude of parked 4WD trucks and into the 18" deep 100 foot long wind slab over the road, but there were cars buried to the door frames both going in & coming back out. Both groups sharing the same "wow, what happened" look of surprise on their faces. The Avvy shovel coming out of the pack seemed a surprise to them ( and maybe salvation.....)

Plenty of cover, even if the snow was a bit on the crappy side. Got to try out the Chest Mount for the Go-Pro even. Here is my really crappy skiing in wonderful Hi-Def.

I Really enjoy living where we do. not a lot of places you can sleep in, Head out of the house at the crack of 11:00, have some quality time in the winter woods, get a few turns in, and be snarfing down great Thai food back in town by 4:30. Gotta Love it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

I guess that my "Post-Cross-Down-Time" is extending to my writing of this little blog. Been hard to dream up something witty (or even boring..) to rant on about here. I have been quite enjoying the relative mental freedom that NOT racing each weekend brings, along with a hefty dose of total slothfulness on the physical front that can make one wonder what all that suffering and training is really good for anyway. I ALMOST fell off the wagon when it came to Boulder CX#5 last weekend, getting the last minute itch, but managed to fight that urge off Friday night with the help of a quality malted beverage or two.

Been thinking back on my season, revisiting my motivation levels, and starting to think about next year's "Cross campaign". Probably enough for it's own little story, so I'll have something to bore you with later.

Going to the ACA annual Club meeting was it's usual entertaining and even sometimes informative self. Seeing the ACA make an investment in new technology for next year was good to see, as well as cross taking a MUCH more front row seat with the association, given the massive growth in Cross participation, while the road side remains quite "flat" in riders. At the least, I think having all that lap time data from the chip timing is worth the $35 more to me. Lots to geek out on with that data coming at most races next year.

But, with the end of the year, as well as most all of Cross season, jut want to wish anyone still reading my drivel a Merry Christmas, a great New Year, and most of all thanks for reading, Thanks for all the feedback, and thanks for racing with me all this season. It really does feel like a family (OK, maybe a severely warped and dysfunctional family, but a family...) each weekend. May your Christmas tree have some new Carbon under it, and your New Year full of great rides!

Thanks again for reading.... - Dale

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well, a weekend without racing 'cross has come & gone. A bit of vicarious racing by checking in on the goings-on at Bend was about the limit of my racing after finishing up at states. After having such a great time up in Bend last year, it was hard to not head back this year. Conditions there looked to be EVERYTHING ours were NOT this year. For those who did make it up there, I am truly envious. As the season wound down, my old & battered body was starting to cry out that it was time to stop racing. Strange thing is that once I did, it just seemed to seize up completely. The week after states, and my first "off" weekend

had left me REALLY hurting. Strange how old age and denial line up to repay you for beating yourself senseless for 16 races over 11 weeks or so. I am only going thru a little bit of withdrawal for now, but should be able to regain normal social function again soon (my wife may not agree with that assessment...).

It's a bit strange not thrashing myself into a froth each weekend. going to take a bit to get used to it. Saturday there is a race in Lyons, but I will only be headed over to do the suffering gig if it's nasty, muddy or snowy, which seems quite unlikely this year. Those of you going, go beat each other up for me, OK? I'll be over here trying to get back to "normal".

Sunday, December 5, 2010

That's all, folks!

It's a Wrap!

OK, I think That's enough. the beatings can now stop.

Yea, Yea, there are a few more races to be had this season, but this kid is going to "call it" at 16 races over 11 weeks. (now if it's snowy for the Boulder series finale in Lyons.... well..... Maybe....)

It's been a lot of fun, as usual, but enough is enough. Did the back to back days at the Colorado State Cyclocross Championships this weekend, and as usual, it was the standard fun-fest. DBC Events put on a decent show, on a fun, if a bit less technical course than I would have liked to see. Pretty much back to my "normal" finishing place in the beer-drinking-dads-league, and also got my normal place in 45+ open as "dessert" to the 35+ 4 "main course" on Saturday.

Kinda beat after the FULL weekend of 'Cross to finish off the season, so for now, just the BAr-Cams From the weekend. Have more OFF-bike video, or check out 303cycling as they have been great about linking them this year.

Saturday, 35+ cat 4 Lap 1 Barcam

Colorado State CX Championship - 35+ Cat4 - Lap 1 from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

Sunday, 45+ open Lap 1 Barcam

Colo. State CX Championships - SM45+ Lap 1 Barcam from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

Thanks To everyone I've had the pleasure of racing with this year for a great season, and for putting me in my place all year. I am already plotting for next year's revenge!