Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

I guess that my "Post-Cross-Down-Time" is extending to my writing of this little blog. Been hard to dream up something witty (or even boring..) to rant on about here. I have been quite enjoying the relative mental freedom that NOT racing each weekend brings, along with a hefty dose of total slothfulness on the physical front that can make one wonder what all that suffering and training is really good for anyway. I ALMOST fell off the wagon when it came to Boulder CX#5 last weekend, getting the last minute itch, but managed to fight that urge off Friday night with the help of a quality malted beverage or two.

Been thinking back on my season, revisiting my motivation levels, and starting to think about next year's "Cross campaign". Probably enough for it's own little story, so I'll have something to bore you with later.

Going to the ACA annual Club meeting was it's usual entertaining and even sometimes informative self. Seeing the ACA make an investment in new technology for next year was good to see, as well as cross taking a MUCH more front row seat with the association, given the massive growth in Cross participation, while the road side remains quite "flat" in riders. At the least, I think having all that lap time data from the chip timing is worth the $35 more to me. Lots to geek out on with that data coming at most races next year.

But, with the end of the year, as well as most all of Cross season, jut want to wish anyone still reading my drivel a Merry Christmas, a great New Year, and most of all thanks for reading, Thanks for all the feedback, and thanks for racing with me all this season. It really does feel like a family (OK, maybe a severely warped and dysfunctional family, but a family...) each weekend. May your Christmas tree have some new Carbon under it, and your New Year full of great rides!

Thanks again for reading.... - Dale

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